Services & Charter

WavesFree solutions with your health as the priority

WavesFree are a group of dedicated health and construction professionals collaborating to create innovative public and private health preserving environments specifically adapted to concentration, recovery, relaxation and sleep.

Environments devoid of high and low frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF) and harmful geopathogenic influence.

To promote a tangible and real sense of
well-being, where the body and mind can truly be in a state of relaxation, inspiration and above all, in a state of physical and mental recovery.

WavesFree is more than just a label; it is a guarantee of health securing quality.

Our services

Professional EMF & Geopathic diagnostics, Design office, Project management, Technical support, Qualified shielding installation, Bio-compatible electrical installations.

After a detailed onsite real time diagnosis by our highly qualified assessors, the installation of specifically calculated and adapted shielding can be installed to your country’s current EMF exposure legislation or as WavesFree preferably advise our clients, to strict building biology health standards, during construction or integrated into an existing building or room.

In addition, and depending upon needs, the installation of geopathic stress diversion is the ideal solution to protect the sleeping space, work environment or even the entire building.

Our charter

WavesFree are passionate about continually sourcing and installing the best, most advanced and effective shielding products available for our clients projects. These products include paints, metal alloys, meshes, fabrics, transparent films and electrical components specifically designed for the maximum shielding of High & Low frequency public, domestic and industrial electromagnetic fields and even High Tension power line magnetic fields.

When you purchase our shielding packages for your public or private space such as hotel bedroom, creche, hospital room or even airport lounge and it’s installed by WavesFree you have the guarantee of second to none EMF and Geotellurique analysis, the most up to date and state of the art shielding technology, professional installation and most of all, rest assured confidence that the health of you and your clients is optimized.