“Geovital” improves their shielding paint that now smashes through the 50dB Barrier

Article written by Sascha Hahnen the director of Geovital

Since 1998 we have been dealing with the subject of shielding paint (hence the name T98). There were highs and lows and a lot to learn through endless experimenting. Initially it was made in house, then outsourced for a short period of time, but then brought it back in-house again as our quality and performance requirements increased from year to year.

Everything that is available in our industry is too weak in GEOVITAL’s eyes. The problem is that the industry has customers and wants to offer products. GEOVITAL, in the other hand, has 95% patients (!) and that is the problem… With us, the patient is in the foreground with his or her problems – and the need to solve these problems as well and as efficient, as is possible.

A shielding paint should also be compatible with people

New T98 shielding paint sets new standard

During the development, T98 was tested against all body compatibility tests, with the result that we have not had a single complaint in all these years. Even the most extreme allergic people do  well with the T98 shielding paint that GEOVITAL developed.

In addition, T98 is above average air permeable which pleases those in home construction. Although technically classifies as a dispersion. it doesn’t behave like a dispersion paint, but more like a mineral paint. We had this tested in special labs and even there, the technicians and engineers were completely surprised.

This is important in building ecology and ecological construction, so that the walls can breathe and reduce chances of mold forming.

At 50dB, the maximum shielding effectiveness was already very high. This was like reaching the top of Mount Everest… without oxygen one simply can’t go any further… and yet in recent years we have put a lot of money and effort in an attempt to crack that 50dB barrier. Unfortunately, this was like a sound barrier that was un-penetrable.

The new generation of 5G telecommunication technology did demand more protection. There are more transmitters, the distance is shorter, the pressure is higher… all factors that are not good!
And what comes after 5G? … 6G? … 7G? Autonomous driving?

Every 2 years the telecommunications industry comes up with something new. We must think ahead and if possible, give our residents a great feeling home or bedroom for the next 10 or 20 years.

As luck would have it

T98 is tested every production batch

In the fall of last year, one of our suppliers, who supplies a special additive for the T98 shielding paint, told us they are leaving the industry because they were not able to find a suitable successor. This left us having to find a replacement supplier for this particular additive.

When we did the first tests with a new additive, we could not believe our eyes… The new component was not only better to paint with because it made the shielding paint more homogeneous and nicer to actually paint with, but the shielding effectiveness also astonished everyone!

And not only that… the results were so good that we didn’t want to change our production process at the end of the year, but instead did it right away.

In addition, it was possible to dispense with the acrylate, which is also an important point for building biologists and construction companies who build healthy. All in all, they were breakthroughs on all fronts.

Independent tests of shielding paint!

Many competitors measure the performance of their products in-house. GEOVITAL also has its own measuring laboratory, but we always have the final tests done at the German Armed Forces University in Munich. This guarantees an independent and objective assessment and not a favourable influence.

Of course, those who only measure themselves and do not have them checked by independent organizations can state what they want. We already know that from emissions scandal…

All tests of GEOVITAL have been done for years using the same procedure: same support, same test area, same amount of paint and same measurement standards. This always ensures that all results are comparable. Prof. Pauli, who heads the Armed Forces test organization, is very meticulous, which is also the way it should be.

A shielding paint should also be compatible with people for the long-term

New T98 has a far more homogenous and liquid quality

So we had the new tests done up to 40GHz (!) to also take in account the new threat of 5G. This is also mentioned and elaborated on by Prof. Pauli in the final test report. Again, it should be said some of our competitors stop measuring at lower frequencies like 4-6 GHz, which makes their numbers look better but effectiveness quickly bottoms-out beyond 10dB. At GEOVITAL we want to be transparent about the numbers and that way everyone knows how they truly stand. It has something to do with honesty.

We also had our tests done for 1, 2 and 3x application (layers) as many patients nowadays already apply 3 layers even with 5G not even active yet.

1-layer up to 42 dB
2-layer up to 54 dB
3-layer up to 66 dB

The new mixture is also much more homogeneous and liquid, so that spraying it is now also possible.

Once 5G is available in an area, the application of 3 layer will probably become the standard approach and even then we’re still keeping our fingers crossed for what we’ll achieve in bedrooms in terms of results on final assessments.
One hates to think about families that have applied inferior shielding paint or applied less layers. It’s a shame of all the effort that has gone into redoing a room and the money invested.

T98 is the best value for money when you work it out

T98 samples being inspected for testing

When it comes to cost, we are often asked; ‘Why is T98 so expensive?’ Well-known competitors offer their products for near half the price. The reasons are that 1 layer of T98 likely gives the a level of protection that two layers of other paints would have trouble to match. You’d need only half the materials in that line of thinking and so the costs are comparable.

In many cases T98 is even more economical, because with other paints (especially from paint stores) the actual painting is far more labour intensive, and where 10 liters would likely be enough with T98 for 4 bedroom walls and a ceiling, you may need 20-25 liter from other paints. So, less paint needed and better protection values for you.

Basically, the rule is always: Apply well… don’t stretch it out!
If you stretch it out, you’ll have to apply an extra coat or you may be disappointed with the end results, which is exactly why you used T98 to begin with.

Summary about T98 shielding paint:

  • Best performance, highest level of protection.
  • Most economical application.
  • No allergic reactions
  • Highest breathability
  • The bottom line is: Best value for money and best chances for success.

Unfortunately a black bucket again

Grey or Black shipping-proof buckets… the content is uniquely GEOVITAL

The only downer we have to accept is in relation to our beautiful grey buckets. As we need a bucket that can withstand a fall during transport, we like to use a specific bucket of the company Ropac. They hold a patent for the only bucket that is airline approved and so we are dependent on them. In the past we had special grey buckets made because sometimes clients wondered, as we used the same buckets as some of our competition, if the content might also be the same. Unfortunately our supplier has had to streamline their business practices and for us to keep using our grey bucket would have added significantly to the cost of the shielding paint. So sadly we have had to let go of our grey bucket and it is back to black.

There is a manufacturer that makes the shielding paint for most other companies and they just put their stickers on it. That is not the case with us we can assure you. GEOVITAL shielding paint IS GEOVITAL shielding paint. We produce it ourselves and as read above, for very good reason!

Justifying added expense to our patients and health clients, just for the sake of the colour of a bucket… is of course a bit silly as it adds no benefit to anyone, really. So, it is back to the black buckets with the risk that you might think again… ‘it looks the same’.

Those who can read… like this article… are of course able to realize the bucket is just packaging like plants that come in similar plant pots.

So… with T98 the feared 5G horror is kept at bay in the areas where it maters most. The home and specifically the bedroom. You too can create your own regenerative sanctuary with T98.

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