Airports, Boats, Planes & Trains

Relax away from the hectic travel environment.

Traveling is frequently exhausting and airports are among the most electromagnetically aggressive environments, saturated with WiFi, highly polluting radar, electronic and electric radiation that are not conducive to relaxing.

WavesFree propose their expertise for the creation of EMF and Geopathic Stress free lounges to enable travelers to escape the hectic transit environment whilst on route to their destinations.

What better way to arrive relaxed and refreshed at the end of a long journey.

Yachts and harbours

Harbours and motor yachts with their huge engines are environments with dense electrosmog including radar, WiFi, heavy mobile phone traffic and harmful low frequency radiation from the powerful motors irradiating their passengers and crew.

WavesFree advise the luxury yacht industry and install the correct shielding onboard to protect both passengers and crew for a healthy cruise.

Trains, Planes & Cruise ships

WiFi is even on commercial aircraft now and there’s no escaping their invisible waves. Travelers are often in confined areas saturated with harmful EMF’s such as on an airplane and sometimes extremely strong low frequency radiation such as in a train or in their cabin on a cruise liner.

WavesFree propose their expertise for the creation of EMF free seating or cabins within the transport environment to cater to the ever growing electrosensitive population that experiences difficulties whilst traveling.

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