Equine protection

Protect your thoroughbred investment

WavesFree specialize in the detection and neutralization of geopathic stress in equine facilities.

Horses, just like humans instinctively try to avoid radiation but stable boxes can sometimes contain natural geopathic stress that is impossible to avoid and coupled with EMF can create an environment that diminishes the horse’s capacities and potential.

The horse will often be reluctant to enter the box and once in may become agitated, change their behavior, not lay down to sleep or not sleep at all.

Occasionally they become so agitated that they can become aggressive or actually harm themselves and in extremely rare circumstances have actually been known to kill themselves.

Race horses, show jumpers and other competition horses need an environment specifically adapted to recovery that does not over burden them.

If any of your horses has suffered an injury or changes from it’s usual temperament whilst in it’s box or is under-performing it may be due to geopathic stress.

Contact WavesFree for an in-depth study of one particular box or your entire stable block and protect your thoroughbred investment.

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