Rest assured perfect serenity

“Building or renovating a place to live in harmony with the environment and with oneself contributes towards a better life and sustainable health.” R. Lambert

A home is where we feel most secure and where we go to rest and recuperate after a hard day at work. It’s our refuge, away from the outside world where we can curl up and spend time alone or with our family to resource ourselves.

If we can’t feel good in our own home then where can we feel good?

In today’s modern world our everyday lives are hectic and constantly inundated with invisible waves that are aggressive to our bodies and minds. At the office, in the street, in our public transport and even in nature close to town.

We go on holiday to get away from it all but we are still connected. We might be swimming in a pool or in the ocean but we are still swimming in a sea of invisible frequencies with waves constantly breaking upon the shores of ourselves.


The quality of sleep is essential.

WavesFree suggest shielding at the very least the bedroom in order to create a safe haven within which to sleep.

We spend a third of our lives sleeping; it’s as important to our body as drinking, eating and breathing.

Electromagnetic frequencies destroy melatonin, a very important hormone responsible for much more than just sleep.

A night of sleep unburdened from electromagnetic frequencies and geopathic stress is essential to allow the body to fully regenerate.

A well rested body and mind are better suited to face the daily onslaught of invisible and invasive radiation that perpetually surround us.

Make the decision to look after your health. Contact WavesFree for a full home or bedroom assessment.

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