Hospitals & Care facilities

A crucial decision for imminent health.

The body weakened by illness, injury or trauma needs protecting to enable speedy healing and a real chance for recovery.

It has long been accepted that geopathic stress and electromagnetic radiation have long term cumulative effects upon the human organism but their impact upon a body already weakened by illness or in a serious physical or mental condition such as after major surgery or a nervous breakdown can be frighteningly fast.

In many hospitals or care facilities the nurses often talk of some beds having a reputation where occupying patients seem to have more difficulty in recovering or where the death rate is higher.

Incorporate WavesFree technology that will speed up and optimize recovery time to liberate valuable bed space faster.

WavesFree analyze and shield against EMF and Geopathic stress in surgical recovery rooms, patient rooms and geriatric facilities to promote faster and more efficient healing and recovery.

Make the decision to look after your health. Contact WavesFree

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