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Take a Total-Digital-Detox.

If you are electro-sensitive or just needing some top quality rest and relaxation whilst on holiday or traveling for business then booking into a “Premium Sleep Room” in a WavesFree serviced hotel is essential.

If you sleep better you perform better.

As a guest you get a more restful and recuperative nights sleep than in a non shielded room, wake up in better shape, feeling more relaxed and more prepared to appreciate the days activities or that important business meeting.

The next time you travel, ask your hotel or rental accommodation if they are a WavesFree serviced establishment.

A growing market.

As a hotel owner or operator you know the importance of staying one step ahead of the competition.

Today’s clients are looking for and demanding the ultimate in relaxing spa and well-being experiences so you can rest assured that with WavesFree your establishment is equipped to do exactly that.

In addition a WavesFree serviced establishment can open it’s doors and advertise to an ever growing number of electro-sensitive clients (5% – 6% of the population today and increasing) and is already prepared for any future changes in legislation concerning EMF sufferers.

And you don’t even need to be electro-sensitive to truly appreciate sleeping in a WavesFree shielded room because you’ll feel the difference; You will wake up fully recharged and totally relaxed bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase “a good nights sleep…”

Wavesfree specialize in constructional application or retrofitting of the latest and most performant shielding and bio-compatible electrical installations into hotel rooms, suites and Spa areas conforming to your country’s current legislation or as WavesFree preferably advise our clients, to strict building biology health standards for the ultimate in protection and health security.

If you are an Airbnb operator in a city center have you thought of Wavesfree shielding a room to protect your clients from the dense electrosmog?

contact Wavesfree for more information on protecting your establishment.

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