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Wine fabrication and storage.

WavesFree specialize in the detection and neutralization of geopathic stress in Wine fermentation facilities, cellars and vineyards.

Yeast is a very intelligent bacteria that will carefully analyze it’s environment to calculate it’s needs and optimal rate of reproduction before it jumps into action. Sometimes natural geopathic influences such as underground water currents, geological faults, underground cavities, disturbances within the Earth’s magnetic field or terrestrial grid networks that cross or flow under one or several fermentation vessels can have adverse effects upon the yeast bacteria and consequently the fermentation process within those particular vessels.

Fermentation may start violently, very often with uncontrollable temperature spikes then cease very quickly for no apparent reason or may take for ever to get going then never reach a satisfactory conclusion regardless of temperature and this can have varying effects upon the flavor of the wine often necessitating the addition of products such as sulphites further along the production process. This is all because the geopathic stress kills or weakens the yeast bacteria.

When you are fermenting tens or hundreds of thousands of liters of valuable grape juices then it’s good to know that every precaution has been taken to facilitate a naturally even, calm and controlled fermentation to ensure a predictable result and guarantee the outcome of that investment.

Precise calculation and positioning of geopathic stress diversion into one of the fermentation facilities at a Champagne vineyard in the Champagne region of France.
Completion of the geopathic stress diversion installation just in time for the grape harvest.

Wine cellars.

All wines need the right environment in which to mature and age correctly and a cellar correctly protected from geopathic stress guarantees the best possible protection and results for your vintage investment.

Contact WavesFree for an in-depth study of your fermentation facility or cellar and protect your vintage investment

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