Work & Offices

A healthy workforce is an efficient workforce

Todays work environment is continually inundated with electromagnetic pollution from the mass of electronic and communication technology being used.

Factory machinery generates heavy electric and magnetic fields that effect their operators on a daily basis.

Geopathic stress can exacerbate tensions and lead to an unhealthy physical and moral atmosphere.

Modern “open-space” office layouts disrupt the natural balance of human interaction and modern architecture often effects the geopathic stress by concentrating it in certain areas that if occupied bring sickness and reduction in work effectiveness.

EMF’s coupled with geopathic stress leads to thousands and probably millions of lost hours and days of work with people falling continually sick. Teams of people that normally work well together fall apart and that can have disastrous effects on the social cohesion of a company.

WavesFree intergrate EMF and geopathic stress shielding into offices and factories and can help facilitate the conversion to faster and more secure hardwired connections for employee devices.

Make the decision to look after the health and your employees to maintain a healthy company. Contact WavesFree

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